Christmas and parties

So Christmas is nearly upon us.

I am very excited but still haven't finished wrapping my pressies and I've got got to give them out tomorrow. On the up side I did get my pressies off my dad today. £50 that is going towards a new gutiar and funky gloves from fatface. Chocolate, scarf, notebook, bangels and little pressies. But my brothers did pick one pressie for me earmuffs. Yes you hear me right earmuffs! But they are fatface and very adorable. I also think my pressies are a hit, they spent the last 45 minutes playing on their new DS games. Now I'm hungery cos I can smell diner.

So merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

Presents and Cubs

I am sooooooooooo tired at the moment.

Work is crazy, and I have to help teach sex ed to 15/16 year olds tomorrow. How much fun is that going to be!

On a lighter note I get to wrap christmas prezzies tonight! Not my own but my grandmother's. The ones she's bought for other people! Not mine, which is bad cos I want presents but on the other hand as perverse as it is I actually enjoy wrapping presents.

I got really excited that other week as I thought I was going to lead part of my cubs session. I was meant to do a facts thing on Canada, because we have pen-pals there and had a Canadian woman coming to visit us. I got an email the day of the session saying I didn't need to as the woman had got some stuff already organised. I was miffed. AND I was planning to do a craft this evening as it's Christmas crafts but that's already covered. Arrggg, but at least it better than it was.

au revoir ma dears!

New House

Ok so houses are evil. Well not evil but I hate them right now.
I've just moved house, on Wednesday, which means I have no internet! (not that i did before thought)
I'm now (as depressing as this sounds) living with my Grandmother, because I can't move in to my house.
My new house is a wreck! We knew that when we bought it but it's just getting worse. I went to see it yesterday when I got my keys and I found two flea bombs! My house has fleas! Nobody told us that! It also has a skips worth of junk in the house and two in the garage, which we have to get rid of because apparently we "bought as seen". Arrgg.

Week Away

OK I've have just had an awesome week with electrictoes  did absolutely nothing but had loads of fun.
Day 1, Got there went to her uni and played on laptop. Ate at Pizza Hut, bought her birthday present, went shopping for food, squeed over her trip of epicness to hub 3.
Day 2, Woke up, electrictoeswent to work, I played on laptop for many hours, then we made fish fingers and popcorn for dinner, and made jelly
Day 3, Woke up, went to uni again, had lunch at Nando's (she took my Nando's Virginity!! but was gentle), watched Sarah Jane Adventures, ate jelly, squeed some more
Day 4, Woke up, did washing, made pasta, went to London, went to look at pictures of Barrowman at the playhouse, went to Forbidden Planet got Series 3 posters, went to a Musical/West End shop got Anything Goes score, went to Waterstones to buy Torchwood books. Tried to go to Spoons but was to busy so Pizza Hut won again (I think I'm pizzad out but it was totally worth it.) We got a large pizza and 2 sides of potato wedges and drinks and over ordered, didn't realize till we got the pizza and it was massive!!! But still fun! Then I had to go home and we attempted to navigate the buses but failed so used the tube which we can navigate!

And fun was had by all.
Now I am exhausted and on a bus home, with little laptop left....

That was where it died! There was no power sockets on the bus and laptops need power apparently!
*mutters* Stupid bus
Also my phone died, so year not a happy bunny, BUT yay for Jack visit.
So it's taken me this long to get round to finishing this and posting it. (Not helped by the fact that I don't ave any internet at home!)

This is your resident crazy, signing off.

I take it back...

That little brother, is offically awesome.
He's given me a birthday pressie he just finished. It was a braclet from a friendship braclet kit he got on holiday, in the Summer.
The first thing he makes with it? Make something for me!
I really love this guy! He's adorable!


Arrg I really don't like my step mum at the moment.
I just found out that he has a new jacket, but it's lonadale.
Ok not a big thing, but it really bugs me and is one thning in a long line of stuff.

(no subject)

I love my friends!
Just had a conversation with a mate of mine and it turns out we're in exactly the same relationship!
It's a little strange but awesome, in that we're at the same stage with our boyfriends and are having the conversations with them!
Plus I can talk to her about ANYTHING, (I can with most of my other friends too).

Anyway life is kinda awesome at the moment (but we all know it won't stay that way for very long!)


P.S. I think I over used the word conversation in that, can you do that? If you can I think I did.

Wow I need to stop drinking caffeine when I have access to the internet!


I'm on a bus now! oK THAT IN IT'S SELF ISN'T exciting but I'm going to London to see my Jack!
For 4 whole days! YAY
Althought we're not meant to like her at the moment as she got to go to Hub 3.
Still YAY for Jack.

(But we don't have a Donna so is sad about that)

Signing Out, this is, well me!
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Ok this may be random but I'm looking for photographs, of almost anything.
People especially but anything else. I would prefer a thing in it rather than a pretty landscape.
If anybody has any or knows of anybody who's into photograph could you let me know so I can email them or you about it.
Also any good communities for art and photography?
This is all in the name of art and a project I'm working on at the moment.

Thank you very much my people

I really really hate the library right now....

I hate librarys!

I'm trying to fill out my UCAS form at the moment, to get to uni. Last year my school royally messsed up my application so I'm having to reapply now. Not really much of a propblem as I'm taking a gap year, and was planning one then. However I really wanted to get mine in early this year. Nothing to worry about I hear you cry. That's what I thought.

Because I've already done my A-levels I can't apply to some of last year's choices as I didn't get the grades in a couple of my subjects. So that means more seaching for universities, which means research and reading and phoning people and all sorts. This has been made all the harder by the fact that I have no internet at home as it hates me! Enter the Library...

Now normally I like the library, it's quiet, has lots of books and the internet! BUT it hates me at the moment. You see twice, not once but twice has it corrupted and subsequently deleted files with all my reasearch and contact numbers on. TWICE. Not that hard to find again you tell me. No but as I've spent an hour just getting the phone numbers and now I have to that again, along with finding the information on eight courses and three different universities I'm a little frustrated.

Thank you for listening to our customer announcement and have a nice day!