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Presents and Cubs

I am sooooooooooo tired at the moment.

Work is crazy, and I have to help teach sex ed to 15/16 year olds tomorrow. How much fun is that going to be!

On a lighter note I get to wrap christmas prezzies tonight! Not my own but my grandmother's. The ones she's bought for other people! Not mine, which is bad cos I want presents but on the other hand as perverse as it is I actually enjoy wrapping presents.

I got really excited that other week as I thought I was going to lead part of my cubs session. I was meant to do a facts thing on Canada, because we have pen-pals there and had a Canadian woman coming to visit us. I got an email the day of the session saying I didn't need to as the woman had got some stuff already organised. I was miffed. AND I was planning to do a craft this evening as it's Christmas crafts but that's already covered. Arrggg, but at least it better than it was.

au revoir ma dears!